Perenniam Agency is a boutique marketing agency with great minds. Our team is fully committed to delivering excellence, exceeding customer care, and providing supportive partnerships with our clients.

Website Design – Overview

From simple website recreations to an entire corporate website. At Perenniam Agency, our website developers will pay extra attention to your true voice, personality, and business principles. We’ve delivered our clients engaging websites for almost every niche. Our holistic web design solutions integrate custom integrations, A/B testing, professional copywriting, conversion tracking, mobile & desktop responsiveness, and much more.

Website Design – Strategy and Execution

A bold, well-designed site is vital to grab visitor’s attention, but after that, it’s all up to your site’s navigation to keep that attention and make them engage with your services or products. Our website design process is to make each visitor take the actions we want them to take having them understand everything that you offer, and ultimately converting those visitors into leads with clear calls to action.

Influential Copy

We will persuade your readers by crafting copy which influences the decision of every visitor about buying a product, referring a service or signing up for a newsletter.

Audience Connection

Our process includes creative, articulate and conversion-oriented well-written text that sticks in the mind for an easy connection with readers.

Smooth Navigation

We make your visitors undergo a smooth and intuitive navigation through all the pages of your website for an optimal user experience.

Advanced Copywriting

We know how important it is for the user to feel attractive to your products and services, so we take your website’s copy as your most valuable asset.
Our copywriting services is like hiring a salesman with a keyboard and the purpose of improving your business voice or giving you a brilliant voice if you’re just starting out. We organize your site and make visitors feel comfortable taking calls to action.
  • UX/UI Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsiveness

We work hand-in-hand to improve and enhance your website design.

We turn each website design project into a retainer.

Our process includes a full study of your website data such as site usage, traffic analytics, heatmaps, among others. This leads us to implement features, changes, and optimize for better user experiences & engagement, more leads, and a better bottom line each month. Moreover, our graphic designers will work closely with your team to help with any photo editing, recreations & mockup designs. We will analyze and implement color palettes & typography pairings for a better visual experience.

Our team will turn your website design and experience into an optimization machine.

We understand and utilize SEO tactics to improve your site rank on the SERP.

We run a full SEO audit on your website to identify current or potential issues.

Our process includes general keyword research, spying on your competitors to see which keywords they’re ranking for, and identifying keywords with good monthly search volume and low competition.

We go through your entire website to determine which keywords should we focus on for each page and how to incorporate them into your content.

We focus on the responsiveness of your website adapting it to the size of any visitor’s viewport.

We optimize content to render differently depending on the device or screen size so that visitors have an optimal experience no matter how they access your website.

Our process includes a responsive web design that loads quickly without any distortions, fluid grids systems that scale content based on the user’s screen, CSS media queries & automated resizing, keeping load times in mind while sizing images.

Since visitors that feel comfortable on a web page, are more likely to do what you want and follow your desired calls to action, our team will turn your website design into an incredible experience for your visitors.

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Perenniam Agency is a boutique marketing agency with great minds. Our team is fully committed to delivering excellence, exceeding customer care, and providing supportive partnerships with our clients.
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