Perenniam Agency is a boutique marketing agency with great minds. Our team is fully committed to delivering excellence, exceeding customer care, and providing supportive partnerships with our clients.

Social Media Marketing– Overview

Ready to have a unique online presence that stands out? Our social media marketing team is ready to create curated content, from posts & stories to powerful video marketing for your business platforms. Our goal is to create content that reflects the unique value of your products, expresses your brand positioning and have what every potential client wants to see when they look for you.

Social Media Marketing – Strategy and Execution

Our services include analyzing and developing a complete brand persona who will be communicating in every social media contact, while building a relationship with your past, current and prospect customers.

Brand Voice Development

We design and create content that speaks directly to your ideal audience through your brand's voice.

Brand Persona & Values

We want your audience to feel like your brand is a real person, and we transmit the values of your business into every point of communication and engagement we have with your audience.

Quality Content

We focus on crafting quality content that accurately represents your brand’s personality and engages with your audience.

Competitive Research

We aim to study the strategies of your competitors, while developing unique, educational, and attractive content, and writing professional captions and posts that will have your customers asking for more.
We will expose your services and products in all social platforms so you can have the strong-online-presence your business deserves, while analyzing the latest trends along with your competitors, coming up with high-quality and catchy-engaging content that speaks directly to your ideal audience.
  • Creative Design
  • Community Management
  • Organic Strategies

We always make sure the design of your creatives are of the utmost quality.

We focus on all the little details, and when it comes to images and design, we are the experts in perfectionism.

Our services include photo research, photo editing, working with your images, increasing the quality, while also playing with the right filters, angle, opacity, or blurriness, in order to emphasize the most important aspect of the image we are showing to your audience.

We make the necessary edits to every single picture to get the best quality, while elevating the purpose of your images.

A good customer service is crucial for the success of a business.

We will make sure no messages go unanswered, while we also engage with your audience to keep the buzz rolling.

Our services include answering to direct messages, reviews, post comments and questions, ongoing engagement and emergency responses in order to never leave your prospects unattended.

We manage your online customers so that you can focus on managing the ones coming through your door.

We analyze and stay up to date with the latest organic strategies to bring you the most traffic to your business.

We are continuously being trained and reading the latest articles to know how the algorithms of the social media platforms change so we can adapt accordingly.

Our services include analyzing hashtags, calls-to-action, the best times of day to reach out and engage with your audience, the type of posts that are getting the most responses, the amount of posts required to see an exponential growth in our efforts, and much more.

We cover all the communication with the people engaging in any way with your brand, and we respond to them in less than 24 hours.

About Our Company

Perenniam Agency is a boutique marketing agency with great minds. Our team is fully committed to delivering excellence, exceeding customer care, and providing supportive partnerships with our clients.
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