Perenniam Agency is a USA-based company with solid expertise in Lead Generation, Advertising and Website Services for the Real Estate and Finance Industries.

Social Media Advertising – Overview

Advertising on any social media platform allows you to immediately reach out and engage to an unlimited amount of potential customers. At Perenniam Agency we create campaigns that introduce your prospective customers to your business, services and products, as well as nurture them to take action throughout the buyer's journey.

Social Media Advertising – Strategy and Execution

Our social media advertising services will provide to your prospective customers valuable content, tools or promotions. When retarget them, we will use a different kind of content, grab their information, make follow-up through email sequences and more advertising. Ultimately, when they are promoters of your brand, we will bring them one level higher into advocates of your business.

Customer's Journey

We take your customers from an awareness stage, to customers, and then we turn them into advocates and raving fans of your business.

Successful Follow Up

If your goal is to receive SMS of every lead received, start email sequences when a lead subscribes, or have your CRM be filled automatically with your leads' information, we got you covered.

Tailored Messaging

Not all ads are created equal. The messaging to an audience who is just learning about you will be different from the one who already visited your website.

Integrations & Automations

We'll set up all the right integrations that will cover all your marketing goals, from the moment a lead is obtained, all the way to get them to write reviews for your business on Google & on social media.
We utilize the power of referrals, sales funnels, and the buyer's journey to have your customers promote your business thanks to the nurturing process we take them through. We don't let any lead slide, we take care of every single one of them so they receive the right information, at the right time, while you focus on your business and enjoy the results of our strategies.
  • Copywriting & Design
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reporting & Analytics

We implement personalized messaging and eye-catching creatives and target specifically your ideal audience.

We focus firstly on using attention-grabbing images and words to have people engage with the ad, and then we entice them to our offer to ultimately obtain their information and have them click on our ad.

Our services include analyzing your market audience, understanding their concerns and challenges, and how your services & products solve those issues, so we can then tailor and create the right messaging to speak to their needs. We break down their pre-built objections in order to have them take the action we want them to take. We also design all the creatives with specific contrasts of colors and wording that captures the people's attention, so they can stop scrolling and be attracted by our ad copy proposition.

Using the right imagery, messaging, and tailoring ad copies to your ideal customer makes us produce the best ads to obtain a high quality score and the lowest cost per acquisition or CPA.

We track every bit of information about your customers to understand where they are in our sales funnel.

We use pixels, conversion tracking codes, analytics, and events to analyze and retarget all the people who have clicked on an ad, visited your website, or engaged with any post or video on your social media.

Our services include the set up of all the necessary pixels, tracking codes, and tools to create audience lists, such as lookalike and engagement audiences, to build retargeting campaigns and reach out to those people who were interested in what you offer. We create ads and set goals based on their previous actions, and we use offers and promotions to take them down our buying funnel.

We analyze how much people know about your business and how interested they are in your products & services to retarget them with the right ads and offers.

We provide you a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reporting with the metrics that matter to you.

We extract all the analytics of our campaigns and deliver to your inbox a professional report detailing the results of any given period.

Our services include detailed reports with graphs and all the important metrics such as total ad spend, cost per click, cost per action, click-through-rate, quality score. We also provide you with details about the implemented strategies, improvements for following campaigns, and continuous strategy calls to discuss future strategies, offers, and promotions.

We have complete transparency with you so that you know what has worked, what isn't working and how we will keep improving your advertising campaigns.


Perenniam Agency is a USA-based company with solid expertise in Lead Generation, Advertising and Website Services for the Real Estate and Finance Industries.
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