Perenniam Agency is a boutique marketing agency with great minds. Our team is fully committed to delivering excellence, exceeding customer care, and providing supportive partnerships with our clients.

Search Engine Optimization – Overview

Did you know that 91% of the pages aren't doing SEO and get No organic traffic from Google...? Is your website one of them? There are faster ways that can get you results and drive customers to your business such as with Google advertising, but the moment you stop advertising, that traffic is gone. Besides, why not use the power of Search Engine Optimization and other organic strategies to consistently get free traffic to your website?

SEO – Strategy and Execution

Our SEO services include analyzing your top desired keywords, doing competitive analysis, discovering high-volume opportunities, and understanding the audience that you want to reach as well as the stage they are in the buyer’s funnel. We use different combinations of keywords such as short and long-tail, short and long-term, geo-targeted, LSI and intent-based keywords to tell Google that our content is high value, it’s informative, engaging, clear and updated, thus rewarding the visibility of your website, blog, etc.

Raving Fans Creation

We take a customer-centric approach and elevate your existing consumers into advocates of your business by offering high-level customer support.

Customer Relationship Building

We make your website discoverable, visible and targeted to your ideal audience while building a relationship with them in order to turn them into promoters of your brand.

Personalized Content

Our follow up strategies are based on your customers’ needs, wants, and desires while providing them with offers based on their previous behavior, actions, and experiences.

Advanced Keyword Research

We implement research, planning, & strategies, combined with an LSI strategy to organically rank your website while receiving a large number of quality visitors.
In a few words, we use keyword combinations to rank your website to the top, thus exponentially increasing the amount of traffic coming to your website, leaving your visitors impressed by your high-quality and valuable content. M‍oreover, the content we make for you is personalized down to the tiniest detail in order to establish long-term relationships with your existing clients while having raving fans who can’t stop talking about your business. ‍
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Content Optimization

We optimize every page of your website with the right keywords, content, images, quality, organization and overall structure.

We focus on every detail of every piece of content to make sure every element is fully optimized and so that Google can crawl your website and recognize it as a secure, fast-loading and trustworthy site while offering a great user experience.

Our services include optimizing images, titles, headers, sub-headers, meta tags, urls, descriptions, links, and overall content. We make sure the pages are responsive, that the information is well-structured and organized in a smooth and logical manner, and that the quality and relevancy of your content is tailored to a specific audience.

We take all the factors that we can control which have an impact on the ranking of your website, and we squeeze every optimization detail to its maximum.

We'll make other sites link back to your page to increase your ranking in the top of the organic search results.

We take advantage of every opportunity in our power to bring people from multiple social media platforms and other blogs right to your website, thus telling Google and your visitors that your website is legit and has high-quality content.

Our services include social media engagement, influencer outreach to promote your site, shareable content, sharing your content on other high-traffic websites, forums, blogs, and media platforms, submitting your articles to bigger articles, and more. We focus on your overall branding and appearance to make your business become as powerful as it can be.

We build your entire presence in the blog-writing world, and do PR with other sites, with the purpose of increasing the amount of traffic coming to your website, while helping you become a figure of authority in your industry.

We create for you quality content that is original, valuable and which makes you stand out from any other competitor.

We focus on writing content that is relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative, which positions you as an expert while it builds your online reputation and brand awareness.

Our services include an in-depth analysis of your audience to understand their concerns and challenges when it comes to the industry that you serve. Once we understand this, we are able to create and provide them with useful, targeted, and actionable information, providing them valuable content that they can hardly find anywhere else, serving as an introduction to your brand and to your unique selling proposition.

We take care of branding your content in a dynamic and engaging way, being the go-to place for people interested in your products and services.

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Perenniam Agency is a boutique marketing agency with great minds. Our team is fully committed to delivering excellence, exceeding customer care, and providing supportive partnerships with our clients.
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