Perenniam Agency is a USA-based company with solid expertise in Lead Generation, Advertising and Website Services for the Real Estate and Finance Industries.

Google Ads / PPC – Overview

Google Ads / PPC is the best way to stand out and to offer prospective customers a solution based on their searching intent. PPC is also the most profitable way of online advertising. Our certified team is qualified to manage complex Google Ads / PPC campaigns, yielding the most profitable results for your business.

Google Ads / PPC – Strategy and Execution

Our Google Ads services include competitive analysis, researching top keyword opportunities, with high volume and low CPC in order to obtain the best bang for your buck. We pay extra attention to the match types we use to avoid losing dollars on unwanted clicks. With a profound analysis of the search term results, we build a detailed negative keyword list, and will continuously optimize your campaigns to an increased ROAS.

Account Setup & Structure

Right from the start, we will set up the right strategies based on your goals, needs, budget, and desired ROI.

Audience Creation

We will define audiences based on search intent, their interests and habits, and how they have interacted with your business.

Keyword Research

We will define the right keywords with the right match types, while also building negative keyword lists.

Campaign Settings & Analyics

We will handle all the targeting, campaign settings, tracking codes, website analytics, ad extensions, and more.
The moment we start working on your campaigns, you will feel relief by knowing you have a professional team taking care of marketing your business. The right approaches will lead us to optimize every dollar spent, thus continuously increasing your ROI.
  • Buyer's Journey
  • Remarketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

We thoroughly analyze your specific buyer's funnel to develop behavioral models that will allow us to be profitable with your campaigns.

We generate professionally-written ad copies that speak to your ideal customers based on their funnel’s stage.

Our services include the analysis of your audience’s behaviors to understand the sweet spot between their motivation to perform specific actions, their ability or how capable are they of doing so, and the trigger we must use to make them take the action we desire. Moreover, we test and adjust different bidding strategies based on the intention behind the searcher’s query.

We apply advanced reverse engineering techniques to understand where should we focus our strategies and your money.

We analyze the actions that your website visitors take and create remarketing campaigns based on their behavior.

We build audience lists and set up the right conversion tracking codes to accurately receive the specific activity of your visitors and strategize a follow-up approach.

Our services include analytics of the behaviors of your website traffic, setting up the right tracking events, making sure the events fire when specific pages are visited, setting up conversion codes and values dependent on the previously set value of that action. We also build ad copies with special offers tailored to those people who have interacted with your website, increasing the return of prospects who are already familiar with your products and services.

We make use of powerful remarketing softwares to generate profit from people who are further down the buyer’s funnel.

We consistently work on your conversion rate optimization (CRO) to create an exponential impact on your Google Ads.

We analyze and tweak from the small to the big details in your website, landing page, and ad campaigns, to steadily increase and optimize your conversion rate numbers.

Our services include A/B and multivariate testing your campaigns, website, and landing pages, with the purpose of increasing your quality score & click-through-rate and decreasing your cost-per-click. We use advanced software to do testing, we perform heuristic analysis on your website and landing pages based on relevancy, user experience, navigation, usability, and more, while finding hidden opportunities that can bring your CRO higher.

We increase your ROI by bringing you more profit, without having to spend more budget on advertising.


Perenniam Agency is a USA-based company with solid expertise in Lead Generation, Advertising and Website Services for the Real Estate and Finance Industries.
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