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Mortgage Broker


Dallas, TX


Long Form Quality Leads


Our client was already closing several deals per month, but it was mainly referrals and he was interested in upping his game because his team was expanding and needed more leads to fill up his pipeline. He did not have a system in place to capture the leads, let alone one to nurture and convert them into appointments. Also, we were working with a tight ad spend budget, so this gave us a smaller room for mistakes.


Using Google & Facebook advertising platforms, we set up the campaigns for this one program he was mainly interested in targeting at first. We helped him set up a nurturing process that included ringless voicemails, automated text and email sequences, as well as a CRM to be able to manage all of his leads, appointments, closings, etc.

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We were able from month 1 to promote that specific loan program, filling up his pipeline with quality leads that were ready to buy a home, while keeping an automated follow up system with those who were ready to buy further down the line. We have helped him expand using other marketing and lead generation tools, while automating and constantly improving the entire process. The client, satisfied by the quality of our services, has asked us to work and create some other campaigns targeted to different audiences to cast a wide net of people who are ready to purchase or refinance their home, while he has been able to scale his business and continues to do so.