Perenniam Agency is a boutique marketing agency with great minds. Our team is fully committed to delivering excellence, exceeding customer care, and providing supportive partnerships with our clients.

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Perenniam Agency
is a boutique marketing company owned by a young marriage couple. Our Founders initiated the entrepreneur journey a few years ago in Austin, TX , and that is why the majority of our clients are from Texas but since then we have expanded nationwide.
While having always been results-driven, Perenniam has grown in an entrepreneur environment with the mindset of customer service and caring above everything. Our team is fully committed to over-deliver excellence, authenticity, creative solutions and providing the best ROI to our clients & partners.
As a certified team,
we are highly commited with each of our clients. Our main goals are to bring you profitable results and to exceed your expectations. We are a small team who is continuously looking for the most up-to-date strategies, fresh ideas and getting certified to have a good foundation along with creative solutions to bring you the best results in the most efficient way.

5 Pillar Marketing Strategy

Master Design

Our design services cover everything from social media profiles banners, branding color palettes, creative posts, and unique imagery.

Attention to Detail

Every post, image and ad that we create has an entire why behind. We make sure to represent your brand in every interaction.


Our exposure to different niches and projects that we have worked with allows us to present creative and out of the box solutions to your needs.
  • Trend-catching
  • Technology Use
  • Influence Behavior
  • Creative Messaging


No two approaches are created equal. Every marketing process we take towards your business's goals is unique.

Over Delivery

We set up realistic expectations focused on outcomes, but aim to always surpass them and overdeliver.

Our Core Values

A true and lasting relationship is what we've been developing through the years with our clients. Our quality services, close communication, optimal results, along with our core values, is what keeps our clients happy.
Customer Care
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Our Creative
Team Members
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Lisette Covian
Graphic Designer
Perenniam agency team 2 1
Fernanda Herrera
Co-Founder | Product Designer
Ro perenniam team
Rodrigo Avila
Co-Founder | Strategist
lu perenniam team 1
Lucia Mtz-Parente
Commercial Director

General FAQs

Since we believe in the quality of our services and providing you results on a monthly basis, we don't do any short, mid, nor long-term contracts.

We certainly do. We can come up with a specific marketing package tailored specifically to your needs. Please fill out this form so we can get in touch with you.

As an international and bilingual team, we serve businesses both in the U.S. and in Mexico.

Unlike other marketing and creative agencies, we at Perenniam don't just worry about delivering results, we build strategies to support and help your brand and company be seen as a figure of authority in your field.