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Collaborate with industry leaders to amplify your marketing impact and experience the power of outsourcing and elevating your online advertising


Collaborate with industry leaders to amplify your marketing impact and experience the power of outsourcing and elevating your online advertising

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Is Ineffective Marketing Draining Your B2B Resources?

Not scaling your marketing efforts

Seeing that lack of adaptability might be holding your brand back

Finding it hard to build market trust and acceptance

Stuck in a competitive market

Tired that your marketing might not be reaching its full potential

Struggling showcasing your brand’s innovation effectively

Stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn't yield results and start revolutionizing your marketing approach​.

we help you expand

your online presence.

At Perenniam

we understand that B2B service companies need a compelling voice in the market.

Let our experts help your business effortlessly penetrate new territories, communicate effectively in both English and Spanish, and orchestrate advertising campaigns that drive partnerships and heightened visibility.

our CEO & Co-Founder, Ro Avila

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Let's amplify your impact

Through our expert marketing, branding, and consultancy services, we elevate your B2B company.

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What has shaped us

Our dedication thrives in personalized consultancy, fostering team excellence. Partner with us for unparalleled support and alliance in transforming your corporation strategically.

our CEO & Co-Founder, Fer Herrera

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An Experienced Team for Continuous Business Expansion


Connect with a broader clientele


Experience steady revenue growth


Expand into new markets


Unleash unstoppable sales


Sustain growth with a pro team


Explore new services

Let's write a new chapter for your B2B services

Partner with us to access uncharted markets, bilingual opportunities, and a compelling online presence that speaks volumes about your services.

Kind Words

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We have been working with the Perenniam Team since 2019, they were my 1st Marketing Agency and our last one. They have helped my brand always be innovative keeping us ahead of our competitors. Something that we really value is that Ro and Fer, as founders, they are always taking care of our urgent needs directly, let alone their creative team who are open to try new ideas. They are wonderful, thank you guys!

Patricia N
Art Gallery, Founder 

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We’ve been working with PA for several months to optimize a legacy WordPress business site. Ro has been extremely responsive, thoughtful and collaborative in considering all our questions and ideas, and the site has been updated quickly and without incident. We value our partnership!

Liz Gravitz
Furniture Company, Director 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Fer Herrera from Perenniam Agency for 10 months as we collaborate together through an online marketing group. Fer has comprehensive expertise in Branding, Social Media Strategies, and Digital Design. Fer love what she does and her ability to see and understand the vital aspects of each customers business needs is impressive.

Karen Kent
Marketing Manager 

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Pereniam team strategizes and creates plans that will increase conversions, help with your lead funnels, get more targeted clients for you, and build a strong brand across many social networks. Perenniam is great asset that will generously serve your business. Highly recommended!

Just had an awesome catch up zoom conversation with my friends Rodrigo Avila and Fer Herrera.
If you’ve been wanting to do some google ads give them a ring.

Rina Jene
SEO Agency, Founder

I just watched the video, and from the 1st version, I was already delighted. Seeing the work you guys have done, your production team, with us, and everything concluded makes me feel very happy! Thank you always for all your support! We will be sending you the photos of the event soon!

Jaime Osnaya
Flavor Corp, Marketing


Scaling a B2B service enterprise can be

Scaling a B2B service enterprise can be


We’ve been there too, and we’re here to help.

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These are real results!
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We are Perenniam

founders perenniam agency
founders perenniam agency

Family-owned agency dedicated to transforming and amplifying the digital impact of B2B service enterprises on a global scale. Our focus extends to helping you break into new markets, engage both English and Spanish-speaking clients, drive partnerships and brand recognition.

Soar to New Heights With Your B2B Service Enterprise!

Empower your B2B enterprise by partnering with a results-focused ally. We’re here to assist you in navigating the unique demands and hurdles of the service industry.

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